PJ Baileys

Opportunity Battle Valentine

Purebred Lamancha DOB- 3-19-12

2012 Show Wins- 1 x 2nd
2012 LA YS- 5 mo. V (VVV)


   SS- SG+*B South-Fork Toi Soldier  LA 6-04 91 (EEE)
Sire- *B Shady Lawn Toi Battle
SD- SGCH Shady Lawn Classy Beauty  LA 4-05 93 (EEEE)
 DS- Singing-Hills Slick Ripit  LA 1-04 83 (+++)
Dam- Opportunity Ripit Viewpoint  LA 2-07 89 (VEEV)  1st pl 2 yr old 2011 Nat'l
DD- CH Opportunity Revolt View  LA 2-05 90 (VEEE)

Valentine is a welcome addition to our lamanchas and we thank Craig & Kailey Koopman for her!  Valentine exhibits an uphill silhouette accented by length of body and dairy character.  She has excellent width and spring of rib, stands on strong feet and legs with plenty of width and openness up into the escutcheon.  Valentine's mother Viewpoint was 1st place 2 yr old with 3rd udder at the 2011 National Show!  We are excited for this pretty gal's future!    
Bred To-


Opportunity Ripit Viewpoint-Valentines' Dam
 1st pl/3rd udder 2 yr old 2011 National Show
Photo Courtesy of Opportunity Dairy 



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