PJ Baileys

Autumn-Acres Tropical Storm

Purebred Lamancha  
DOB- 3-9-13


   *B Kastdemur's AV Avalanche
*B South-Fork AV Hurricane
GCH South-Fork Sweet Hailey 4*M
 Autumn-Acres CM Maddock  LA 2-04 89 (VEV)
Autumn-Acres MY Excel  2010 National Reserve Jr Champion
Autumn-Acres Strait's Nexus  LA 2-05 91 (EEEE)

Autumn-Acres Tropical Storm (barn name "Stormy") is our very first Lamancha herd sire.  His pedigree offers some very stylish dam lines that have produced consistency in both general appearance and mammary systems.  

Stormy has what we are looking for to improve upon in our small group of lamanchas.  He is extremely tall and wide, leggy, long framed, sharp and dairy.  We also love his pretty cou blanc coat color which he gets from his maternal dam line.   A very well balanced buck, we look forward to what he offers!!!!  




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