PJ Baileys
   Nodaway TF Sterling 
Purebred   DOB- 3-2-07

Sterling now resides in Bill Donaldson's herd

  SG ++*B Sunshine Seign Serafin 3-03 85 (+VE)

Sterling as a 1 yr old
2008 Show Wins-
2 x 1st, 3 x 2nd

*B Nodaway SR Tempting Fate  4-03 91 (EEE)

  GCH Nodaway Sly Reflection 5*M 10-02 93 (EEEE)
*B Nodaway REF Crossroads Of Time 3-03 91 (EEE)
Nodaway Crot Snarfi  1-07 89 (EEEV)  2-04 91 (EEEE)

Nodaway Valor Shahzi 3-02 90 (VEVE)
Sterling, now a yearling is extremely high withered and strong in dairyness and sharpness.  He is smoothly put together in the front end and very long, although we'd like to see more width throughout.  His first kids although mostly bucks, were extremely long and level with impressive width in the escutcheon.  Sterling stems from long lines of excellence, with strong doe lines on both top and bottom of his pedigree.  He was chosen for his mother's excellent height and width of her rear udder and teat placement.  We hope he strengthens these traits in our herd.

Sterling's Dam Snafi as a 2 yr old at the 2006 Nat'ls

Snafi as 4 yrs of age

Sterling's Sire Tempting Fate