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PJ-Baileys’ Handcrafted
  Goat Milk Soaps!

Natural Unscented

The name says it all!  Luxurious lather and great for those with delicate and sensitive skin, or who have a sensitivity to fragrances.  Great for babies and young children!

Natural Unscented

Natural Coffee

A wonderful soap for removing kitchen scents from your hands such as onions.  This soap is made with fresh brewed strong coffee, goat milk and coffee grounds.  Has a light coffee scent.

Natural Coffee

Coffee Beans

Same as our Natural Coffee Goat Milk soap, but scented with coffee fragrance oil.  If you like the smell of coffee you'll LOVE this!!!  Smells just like strong coffee brewing!  Did you know coffee was discovered by goats??

Coffee Beans


This scent is very light and delicate, smells just like a blooming Honeysuckle vine climbing a trellis on your grandma's front porch!! 


Oatmeal & Honey

This is our family's favorite!  It has a wonderful creamy lather, extra moisturizing properties from the honey, and the oatmeal exfolitates like not other!!  I use it to shave my legs and it leaves my skin silky soft.  It has been a blessing for healing eczema behind Jenna's ears and dry skin bumps on Ashley's arms.  Our gold medal winner!

Oatmeal, Milk & Honey

Same as our unscented OMH, but gently scented with fragrance oil.  With a warm sweetness of honey, it will remind you of that comforting bowl of oatmeal your mother served you as a child.  This soothing scent combined with our rich Alpine goat milk makes this soap fantastic! 


Lilac is my favorite spring flower scent, and this smells just like our Lilac bush's scent as the breeze carries it in the kitchen window!

Tea Tree

You either like the scent of Tea Tree oil or you don't!  Our Goat Milk Tea Tree soap has natural Tea Tree essential oil in it.  Tea Tree oil has been used as a natural remedy for fungus, dandruff, acne, insect repellent (such a s head lice) and it has antiseptic qualities.

Please contact us at pjbaileys@aol.com to purchase soaps




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