PJ Baileys

+*B Redwood Hills Ember Sierra 
  DOB- 4-6-04  American Alpine

Dau/av-  3212
Dau/Av LA- 87.9

     ++*B Angel-Prairie Vega Vlaminck

Sierra at 6 yrs

++*B Qu'Appelle V Ember 

  GCH Qu'Appelle Supersonic Eclipse 4*M
   +*B Sanstorms Dynamic
SGCH Redwood Hills Dynamic Solace FS 90
  Redwood Hills Odyssey Solstice 8*M
Sierra was added to our herd for his incredible pedigree.  We are excited to bring back in the Sanstorms D line which already exsists in our herd through a doe we owned many yrs ago- GCH Sanstorms Super Dazzle 1*M.  We are overjoyed with the genetic addition of Ember through Sierra, Ember sired both of the 2009 National GCH and RGCH alpines.   Sierra is a 6 yr old (we're always thrilled to grab up an aged buck with stats!) and therefore has several daughters that have placed first with udder placings at nationals as well as daughters in the Top 10 for production.

Sierra is a huge and poweful buck.  He has tremendous length of body, openess, and he sports that
"Sanstorms topline", level as a board!  We admire his combination of depth and width throughout without loosing dairyness.  We are thrilled to have the priveledge of including such a fine buck to our sire line up and are anxious for what he brings to the future of our herd!  

Sierra's dam, SGCH Redwood Hills Dynamic Solace EX90

Sierra Get of Sire

Redwood Hills Sierra Vertigo
(Sierra Daughter)

2009 Nationals- 1st pl milking yrling/2nd udder  1-11 88(+EVE)

Redwood Hills Sierra Jasmine
(Sierra Daughter)

2007 Nationals- 1st pl milking yrling/1st udder

Redwood Hills Sierra Abyss
(Sierra Daughter)

1-11 88(VVVE)
Daughter amd Dam photos courtesy of Kim Hull of Hull Dairy Goats