PJ Baileys

Pleasant-Grove Money Miami

Purebred DOB- 2-24-12
LA Score- 2-08 89 (VVVV)
LA Score- 4-03 89 (VEEV)
LA Acore -5-06 91 (VEEE)

Show Wins- 3 x Reserve in 2014
2017 Show Wins- 4x1st, 1x GCH, 2xRGCH

2018 Show Wins- 2x1st, 2xGCH, 2018 National Show 12th pl 5/6 yr old  


 ++*B Pleasant-Grove Super Saga
5-04 90 (VEE)

Miami 6 yrs old

Sire- Pleasant-Grove Saga Money


SD- SGCH Pleasant-Grove Super Mink
5-05 91 (EEEE)


 DS- *B Center-Stage WRR Act I

Dam- Pleasant-Grove Act Mirror
6-04 91 (VEEE)
DD- SG Pleasant-Grove SSO Miracle
5-04 91 (VEEE)
I have been looking for a new Purebred Alpine doe to add to the herd for several years, and when I saw Miami at the 2016 National Show in her pen, I knew right then I had found that doe!!!   Miami combines traits I was looking for and more!  She excels in length of body that is accentuated by her level top line and rump.  I appreciate the fullness in her muzzle and jaw, her dairy strength as well as her correct tracking front legs and angle of her rear legs.  Her udder is beautifully attached and the teat placement and delineation is spot on!!
She is also my favorite Alpine coat color- solid Black!!   To top everything off Miami has a very sweet personality and I look forward to what she has to offer to the Purebred Alpine line in our herd!!


4 yrs old



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