PJ Baileys

Hull's WRJ Lincoln

  DOB- 3-13-11 Purebred
LA YS- 5 mo. Ec (EC Ec V)
2011 Show Record- Not Shown


  ++*B Willow Run Abraham Wonder  3-00 88 (V+E)  D/AV 2852 
*B Willow Run WRAW Jasper  2-02 84 (+V+) 
  GCH Willow Run Apache Josefina 7-02 92 (EEEE)
  ++*B Willow Run Armand Abraham 1-11 87 (VVV)  D/AV 2424
Hull's Abraham Leea
  Ch Slone Creek Farm Lizzy  4-00 91 (VEEE)

Lincoln is our new Jr herdsire.  A striking cou blanc linebred on Abraham, he is stylish and growthy with a long dairy bone pattern.  His exquisite uphill and high headed stance is complimented by his width and strength of bone.  He tracks with correct straightness of foreleg, well angulated rear legs, and extremely correct foot type. He has tremendous depth of heel and the rear feet do not roll over.  This is reflected by his rump width of over 7 inches wide already as a 5 mo old buck kid, indicative of  wide well supported mammary systems on his future daughters.   Lincoln's maternal and paternal dam lines are packed with correct general apperance, mammary systems and will to milk.  We feel Lincoln's genetics have great potential to compliment our herd well.  


CH Sloan Creek Farm Lizzy

Hull's Abraham Leea
Photos courtesy of Hull's Dairy Goats

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