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Thank you for your interest in our herd.  We have been raising Alpines since 1989 and strive to breed correct productive animals to make up our small herd.  When we aquired our first goats in 1989 we were a newly married couple that moved to the country and determined to "live from the land."  We used our goats milk and meat, had hides tanned, raised chickens and grew a large garden.  We wanted the sales of our goats to be profitable so we joined a DHIR test ring and with those milk records sold goats to the Taiwan Exports. 

Some of you may wonder if we've been breeding goats for 20 years we should be able to boast about generations of homebred champions like some breeders can.  Our main focus back then was to have those goats pay for themselves and then some, and they could do it easily by export.  Showing was secondary.  Today we strive to produce correct show winning goats that can score excellent or above through linear appraisal as a mature doe, but our herd's main purpose is to produce milk for our table.  That milk is used to drink, cook with, make cheese, and raise hogs, chickens, and a calf that we butcher to feed our family.  We are thankful to know exactly what we are feeding our growing children, and we thank God everyday for providing those wonderful goats for our family.  

Over the years we have tried to utilize all of the tools ADGA has to offer by using Linear Appraisal, Milk Test and attend ADGA sanctioned dairy goat shows.  We have the herd linear appraised when it fits our schedule with the very first appraisal held back in 1995.  In the spring of 2009 we enrolled the herd on Standard DHI milk test after being off milk test for several years.  Every year we try to  attend 5-12 shows and fit the National Show in when it is within reasonable driving distance.    

To reserve a PJ-Baileys' kid a $100 deposit is required and accepted on a first come first serve basis.  We recommend a first and second choice.  International shipments are $100 more than the preordered kid price.  This helps cover unexpected costs often associated with this type of shipment.  Upon notification of your kid choice birth, the balance needs to be paid in full within 10 days.  We accept checks, money orders and payment by Paypal, with buyers being responsible for Paypal transaction fees.   Prices on the Breeding Summary are for preordered kids up to 4 weeks of age.  If the kid you've preordered is not picked up by 4 weeks of age it will be offered to the next in line.

Refunds of deposits are only made when the sex of the kid ordered is not born, the kid did not meet our standard of quality, or we chose to retain the kid.  There are no refunds on canceled orders.  As the breeders/owners of this herd, we reserve the right to retain any kid born as herd replacements.  The buyer is responsible for air line shipping fees, health certificates, veterinary exams, and shipping crates.  

Kids are raised on a CAEV prevention program of Land O Lakes Colostrum Replacement, heat treated goat colostrum, and pasteurized goat milk.  All births are tended to and we have a camera monitor system so labor and births are watched constantly.   Kids are taken immediately and brought into the house for at least 24 hours, where they stay in a play pen in our utility room.  They are then housed and raised in a separate barn from the adult goats.  Kids are offered alfalfa hay and grain at an early age and fed pasteurized goat milk by a bucket lambar feeder for 12 weeks.        

If something interests you, then lets talk!!  Feel free to email or call us and we'll try our best to find an animal to fit your needs.  Please be aware that there are no guarantees with genetics.  This is a challenge that all breeders face, sometimes the breeding works and sometimes it doesn't!  We will do our best to educate you on the strengths and weaknesses of each animal.  We cannot guarantee how an udder will turn out on a doe kid, or how a buck's genetics will mesh with your herd.  We do guarantee a healthy CAEV negative kid when shipped to you or picked up at our farm.  PJ-Baileys' reserves 20 straws of semen from any buck sold for the cost of collection, and we adbide by ADGA Recommended Trade Practices for Members (ADGA Guidebook, bylaws article XIX)

Three new wonderful little people have come into our lives with the birth of Jenna Oct 16, 2003, Holden Nov 21, 2004, and Ashley Jan 11, 2007.  Our goal is to raise our children to love the Lord and reflect in His ways.  We have found raising dairy goats offers our family realistic life situations brought on by the goats themselves and the people that come with them that definately teach us to grow in our walk with the Lord.  After over 20 years of marriage we feel blessed and thank God to have 3 healthy children to share our lives and animals with.


Patricia, John, Jenna, Holden & Ashley Bailey   

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.
  Proverbs 3:5-6



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