Meadow Morn's HT Harley
    Full Blood Boer Buck 
DOB- 4-4-03


  IAG SA Botha-Der Walt Hymn
Meadow Morn's HM Hatchet  
  Meadow Morn's HM Honesty
  S2 M149
Meadow Morn's DS Harledge  
  Meadow Morn's HM Haley

Harley is a full blood buck carrying South African bloodlines such as IAG Nico Botha and NBBG Renoir.
He is extemely long bodied and thick through the topline. His percentage kids out of our alpine dairy herd have been excellent with feed conversion, gaining rapidly. They carry good frames and thick throughout. We are very excited about his 2006 full blood kid crop, as they will be our first!!