PJ Baileys
  GCH Willow Run Aristides Felice 3*M
 Purebred   DOB-3-9-00

2004 LA 4-03 89(VEVV)
2005 LA score 5-03 88(VVVE)
2001 Nat'l Show 4th pl. yrling Life 869 6350 3.1 195 2.7 169
2004 Show Wins- 5x1st, 2x2nd, 2x3rd, 2xGCH, 3xRGCH

2005 Show Wins 7x1st, 3x2nd, 2x3rd, 1xGCH, 4xRGCH, 1xBDIS

  +*B Abundance Concerto Revelation                

*B Willow Run Revelation Aristides

  GCH Maple Glen Classic's Ariel 4*M 
 LA score 5-05 91 (EEEE)
'92 Nat'l Show RGCH
  +*B Sugar Ridge Cheers
GCH Willow Run Cheers Fayme 2*M 5-03 89 (VEEV)
  Maple Glen PM's Felicia 1*M
Felice was added to our herd in the spring of 2004 for her valuable genetics. Another important assett to our show string, she finished her championship as a 5 yr old. She has tremendous strength and width throughout, accented by a wide flat back and rump. Her udder has ideal shape, is very capacious, and shows strong medial support. Felice is a very prepotent doe and has produced many nice daughters from different bucks that are dispersed in numerous herds across the US. She is the dam to our 2005 Spotlight Sale doe- PJ-Baileys' Dante Fayme.
Bred To- Constellation
Due- 3-1-07
Kids- $750