PJ Baileys

CH *B Angel-Prairie Abrhm Fancy Free

Purebred  DOB- 3-27-09
LA 1-05 87 (VVE)

2012 Show Wins- 3 x 1st, 3 x GCH
2013 Show Wins- 2 x BOB   

   ++*B Willow Run LA Armand  LA Dau/AV 85.4

++*B Willow Run Armand Abraham LA Dau/AV 87
GCH Willow Run Agnes Of God 5*M
 *B SG Angel-Prairie Brutus Realthing LA 6-02 91 (EEV)
SG Angel-Prairie RT Fancy Legs 2*M  LA 3-02 91 (VEVE)
SG Angel-Prairie sedric Fantastic LA 2-05 87 (VEVE)

Fancy Free was chosen to enter our herd for his outstanding pedigree.  We are excited to incorporate the Abraham genetics along with traits his dam exhibits that we seek to solidify in our herd.

Free is a huge and powerful boy finishing his championship as a 3 yr old.  He has tremendous length of body complimented by width, flatness and length of rump, openess and spring of rib and strength of bone.  To top off his "good looks" he has the sweetest personality!  We are thrilled for the privilege to include such a magnificent buck to our sire list!

Free is on lease and will return to his home in October.  No outside breeding offered.      

SG Angel-Prairie RT Fancy Legs 2*M  
Free's dam
Photo courtesy of Angel-Prairie Alpines

Angel-Prairie Abrhm Fancy Pants  LA 3-03 91 (EEEE)
Fancy Free's littermate sister
Photo courtesy of Angel-Prairie Alpines



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