PJ Baileys

*B Angel-Prairie Embr Fancy Fire

Purebred DOB- 4-7-10

2012 Show Wins- 3x1st, 3 x RGCH
2012 LA Score- 2-04 87 (VVE)


   ++*B Angel-Prairie Vega Vlaminck


++*B Qu'Appelle V Ember


GCH Qu'Appelle Supersonic Eclipse 4*M


 *B SG Angel-Prairie Brutus Realthing  LA 6-02 91 (EEV)

SG Angel-Prairie RT Fancy Legs 2*M LA 3-02 91 (VEVE)


SG Angel-Prairie Sedric Fantastic 1*M  LA 2-05 87 (VEVE)

Fancy Fire is a maternal half brother to Fancy Free and another impressive buck added to our sire list!  Fire is sired by Qu'Appelle V Ember who in turn sired the 2009 GCH & RGCH national alpine champions.  Ember is also the full brother to Etienne who is Charmer's paternal grandsire, allowing line breeding in our herd on some very consistant pure bred blood lines.

Fire is a striking cou blanc exhibiting an impressive uphill look complimented by smoothness of blending, width throughout and angularity.  Fire will be used during the 2012 breeding season as backup to does who either did not settle or did not come in heat soon enough prior to *B Angel-Prairie Abrhm Fancy Free leaving from his lease.  Fire will be used heavily for next year's breeding season.  No outside breeding service offered.         




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