PJ Baileys
*B PJ-Baileys' Reverie Falcon
    DOB-1-22-99    Purebred    
Sunshine Stella's Vicar

GCH ++*B Redwood Hills Sunshine Reverie

  GCH Redwood Hills Fortune Teller 4*M
  Goodwoods Classical Jazz
GCH Missdee's Fiesta 1*M

  CH Missdee's Samara
Falcon is being used this year through AI.  He was very correct, had tremendous depth of brisket and a well blended front end, was long, dairy, and level.  His dam Missdee's Fiesta, is one of the most beautiful alpines we have ever had the privilege of owning, and she is still with us at age 14.  Her feet and legs and front end were near perfect and her udder just superb.  She milked down like a glove, and in her day went BDIS often.  We hope to bring the correctness of Fiesta to our herd and have chosen to breed Falcon to Ambiance, Allie, and Arabella.