PJ Baileys

CH Mayhem E Venezuela's Ethiopia

Purebred Lamancha   DOB- 3-27-08
2012 2nd pl/1st udder Ohio State Fair
LA Score- 2-02 86 (VVVV)
2012 Show Wins- 4 x 1st, 2 x GCH, 2 x RGCH
2012 LA Score - 4-05 90(VEEE)  

   +*B Kastdemur's Orion LA Dau/AV 86.9
4 yr old
*B IR-Ranch Oriaon's Lunar Eclipse  LA 3-04 88 (VEE)
GCH IR-Ranch Dark Love 2*M
 *B Rockin-CB QK Vortex  LA 3-04 87 (VVE)
CH Mayhem V Mistique's  Venezuela  LA 2-05 90 (VEEE)
Tom-De-Jon Acres EE Mistique  LA 4-04 89 (VEEV)

Ethiopia came to reside in our herd during the fall of 2011 and a pleasant addition to Jenna's lamanchas.  An eye catching doe, she finished her championship as a 4 yr old.  A balanced package, Ethiopia is correct in her structure.  She excells in smoothness of blending and we particularly appreciate her width and levelness of back and rump and her dairy wedge.  She carries a lovely capacious mammary system that is seamless in the fore with a wide rear and nicely delineated teats.      

Bred To- Autumn Acres Hanky Panky Up



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