PJ Baileys
  * B PJ-Baileys' Awesome Dante
 Purebred     DOB-3-5-97

2005 LA score 8-03 88 (VEE)
  ++*B GCH Qu'Appelle Joi Acclaim

+*B Kara Kahl Awesome

  Kara Kahl Bruiser's Apropos 5*M
  Sanstorms Superstition
GCH Sanstorms Super Dazzle 1*M 3-03 88 (VV+E)
1999 Breed Leader in Butterfat Ranking # 4
  Sanstorms Logical Delilah
Dante passed away in 2005, and will be missed.  He excelled in dairyness and depth of body and still showed upright pasterns at his ripe old age.  He produced pretty daughters that tend to mature slowly. They consistently show strong general apperance, correct shapely mammaries, and level toplines. Dante is the sire of our 2005 Spotlight Sale consignment- PJ-Baileys' Dante Fayme.

GCH Sanstorms Super Dazzle 1*M 3-03 88 (VV+E)