PJ Baileys

Hill N Holler Apple Danish

Purebred  DOB- 3-7-11
LA YS-  5 mo. V (V+V)
2011 Show Wins- 1 x 1st, 1 x GCH
2011 National Show Placing- 13th pl. Int. Kid

  Hill N Holler CM Navarre
Hill N Holler N. Gaylor 
  Hill N Holler Beau Gala 1*M

Missdee's NK Criterion

Hill N Holler CTR Apple
  Hill N Holler Rey Applique

Bred To- GCH +*B IR-Ranch NCS Sulten
Due- 3-31-12
Kids- $350  1 doe retained

Long bodied, leggy and wide, Danish is a stylish sundgau who won her dry leg 1st time shown.  She is an exciting addition to our purebred alpines. 



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