PJ Baileys

*B Nodaway TF TIG Constellation

DOB- 4-11-03  purebred
2006 LA Score- 3-02 91 (VEE)

     SG +*B Sunshine Seign Serafin 3-03 85 (+VE)

*B Nodaway SR Tempting Fate 3-06 87 (VEV)

  GCH Nodaway Sly Reflection 5*M 10-02 93 (EEEE)
   CH Nodaway Sly Ali Baba 4-04 89 (VEE)
Nodaway Sab Antigone 2-02 88 (VEEV)
  GCH Nodaway Friendly Aubrey 4*M 4-05 88 (+EEE)
Constellation was added to our herd for his pedigree's depth of LA scores and milk production.  He stems from long lines of excellence.  He is a very impressive buck as noted by his LA score, and is most stunning while on the move.  He has tremendous depth of brisket, beautiful topline and correct feet and legs.  While watching him walk through the pasture all his "parts" just flow.  His daughters show improvement in the mammary over their dams with wider rear udders, smaller teat deliniation and stronger medials.