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CH Fox-Trot WRC Charango 
DOB- 2-25-02  Purebred

LA 1-04 87 (VVV)  
LA 5-04 89 (VEE) 
LA 6-05 88 (VVE)
LA 7-05 89 (VEE)

D/AV LA 85
D/AV 2489

2008 Show Wins-
2 x 1st, 1 x RGCH, 1 x GCH, 1 x BOB

2009 Show Wins-
6 x 1st, 2 x RGCH, 2 x GCH

   +*B Willow Run Landmark Elijah 
D/AV 2609

7 yrs old  

Willow Run Elijah Compliance  3-02 87 (+EE)

  Willow Run Courtney 7*M  
DHIR Life 873 4350 3.9 168 3.0 131
  +*B Kickapoo Valley Chime Foxfire 
2-03 86 (V+V) 
D/AV 2060
SGCH Fox-Trot KF Aurora 4*M
7-02 92 (VEEE) 
DHIR Life 223 2734 2.6 70 2.6 70
  SGCH Fox-Trot TKA Anacin 3*M 
7-03 90 (VEVE) 
DHIR Life 1443 12,540 3.5 437 3.1 390

Charango is one of our Sr herdsires. Aquired as an aged buck we are excited about this as he has many nice daughters residing in the Fox Trot and Angel Prairie herds, as well as an outstanding 2008 kid crop in the Sycamore Acres herd.  His daughter average for linear appraisal is 85, and his daughter average for milk is 2489.  Two of his yearling milking daughters bred by Angel Prairie were 10th and 14th at the 2006 National show.  His dam Aurora is an outstanding doe originating from a very strong dam line and she has consistently linear appraised 90 or above.  Her mammary system is beautiful with near ideal teat size and placement, as well as a tremendously high and arched rear, with that one third/one third that we all desire.   Charango is an impressive buck, showing his age quite well.  He is high fronted, wide, deep and powerful and stands with well angulated legs and strong pasterns.  His head is beautiful, very wide and strong. 

He finished his championship during the 2009 show season as a 7 yr old. Considering Charango's stats, we look forward to what he brings to our herd. 

Charango 6 yrs

SGCH Fox Trot KF Aurora 4*M

SGCH Fox Trot KF Aurora 4*M

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