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CH Willow Run Ravel Cassidy

DOB 5-10-04
2006 LA Score- 2-01 89 (VEVE)
2006 Show Wins- 3 x 1st, 3 x 2nd, 1st pl. 2 yr old & 1st Udder Hoosier Classic

2007 Show Wins-  8 x 1st, 2 x 2nd, 2 x GCH, 4 x RGCH

  ++*B Willow Run LA Armand             

3 year old

Willow Run Armond Ravel

  Willow Run Jahveh Ratri
2-00 88 (VEVE)
  +*B Willow Run Rico Achievement
Willow Run Achieve Cassandra 8*M
2004 Nat'l Show Res. Best Udder
  Maple Glen Classic's Chelois 7*M
Cassidy was purchased for her wonderful genetics- she is a daughter of Cassandra, 2004 National Show Reserve Best Udder.  Cassidy is not a big doe, but is very correct as reflected by her LA score.  She has wonderful shoulder assembly, very angular rear legs and a socked on udder.  She had a nice 2007 show season and finished her championship as a 3 yr old. Cassidy's 2006 son by Sulten resides in the Sand Dance herd in Florida.

One Day milk test: 64 DIM 10.0 lbs 2.5% BF 15.6 Pts

Bred To- Sulten (1 doe retained)
Due- 3-8-08
Kids- $500  

Cassidy as a 2 year old

Cassady as a Dry Yearling

Reference animal only

8*M Willow Run Achieve Cassandra