PJ Baileys

PJ-Baileys' Butter Pecan

Purebred Lamancha   DOB- 3-14-11
LA YS- 5 mo. V (V+V)
2011 Show Wins- 1 x 2nd
2011 National Show Placing- 12th pl Int. Lamancha kid


   Mint*Leaf Aries

Mint*Leaf Heirarchy 


Mint*Leaf Heiress



PJ-Baileys' Bipity Bopity Boo

Bred To- *B Cherry Glen Maestro Detail
Due- 4-05-12
Kids- $250

1 doe retained  
1 doe reserved

Butter Pecan is Jenna's 2011 lamancha doe kid.  A very balanced kid, she excells in levelness, width and strength of bone.  She has an awesome escutcheon being very wide and arched.  We look forward to the udder that will fill it!! 


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