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Thank you for your interest in our boer herd. We purchased our first full blood buck Meadow Morn's HT Harley R10 two years ago, using him on our alpine first fresheners. In September 2005 we decided to aquire full blood and percentage boer stock to supply our local and surrounding counties with quality 4-H market wethers and boer breeding stock. Our goal is to produce fast growing, structurally correct boer goats that will improve the breed standard and meat quality. Our boer herd is CAEV and CL negative through WSU, and currently consists of 3 full bloods and one 88% doe. Any kids born for 2006 will be disbudded unless the buyer reserves a kid and indicates they want horns.

Click Here to see our Boer buck, Harley!


Pine Bank T2 Tammie Fae

88% doe
DOB- 1-28-05


MW2 Mason Dixon

  Rose K20
Pine Bank P1 Nathie
  Pine Bank Louise
Tammie Fae is an 88% doe. She is long bodied, wide and thick throughout and stands on strong feet and legs. Bloodlines on her sire's side include- Hannes Botha SA, JLF Superman, and Codi.

Bred To- Harley
Due- Feb. 23, 2006
Kids- $200

MW2 Mason Dixon

For Reference Only
Bloodlines Include:
*Hannes Botha*
*JLF Superman* *CODI*


Pine Bank T4 DeeDee
Pine Bank T4 Doodle

Full Blood
DOB- 2-6-05

  *Ennobled* Eggs Ryals Magnum

HBS Schafer Farms Northbound

  MW2 Mason Dixon
Pine Bank Dixie
DeeDee and Doodle and full blood sisters, exhibiting excellent muscling, very wide toplines and lots of body depth. Their blood lines include *Ennobled* Eggstreme, *Ennobled* Eggsellent, *Ennobled* Sasquatch. We look forward to their 2006 kids as they will be Harley's first full blood offspring.

Doodle Bred to Harley
due 3-17-06 kids $300 -One doe retained

DeeDee Bred to Harley
due 3-21-06 kids $300
-One doe retained

HBS Schafer Farms Northbound

For reference only:
Sire: *Ennobled* Eggs Ryals Magnum
Bloodlines also include:
*Ennobled* Eggstreme
*Ennobled* Eggsellent
*Ennobled* Sasquatch



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