PJ Baileys

Kara-Kahl Atlas

Purebred  DOB- 3-13-18



   SS- YBNVS Revolutionary Zen
Sire- Pleasant-Grove Zen Wingding
          D/AV 2562
SD- SGCH Kickapoo-Valley Saga Whimper
LA 5-05 92 (EEEE)
2013 National Show 3rd pl/3rd udder aged doe
DS- +B Pleasant-Grove Amen Longitude
  D/AV 2333
Dam- GCH Kara-Kahl PGL Arugula 8*M
LA 4-06 91 (VEEE)   
4-00 305 3280 132 F 4.0%F 
 2018 Minnesota State Fair Best Udder is Show 
DD- SGCH Kara-Kahl Sauvignon Aware 7*M
LA 7-06 92 (EEEE)

Atlas was chosen as a Jr herd sire for his dam's ability to produce absolutely perfect udders to her daughters and for her extreme will to milk.   Arugula's dam line is packed with E mammaries, as well as final scores of 92!  Arugula's udder is outstanding in all aspects of the Linear scorecard, with countless Best Udder awards beginning as a milking yearling!!!   Her most recent win was the 2018 Minnesota State Fair where she earned Best Udder in Show!    We are hoping Atlas can pass down his dam's beautiful udder to his offspring.    

Atlas's full genetic sister GCH Kara-Kahl PGW Akebono has been a show stopper since she hit the ring!  Her most recent LA score of 3-03 92 (EEEE) and milk record of 2943 lbs proves this crosses ability to repeat type and milk!!!   Akebono was also placed 5th/3rd udder 3 yr old at the 2018 National Show as well as being crowned Best Udder in Show at the 2018 Iowa State Fair!!!  Atlas's full litter mate brother-Kara-Kahl Audacity will sell in the 2018 ADGA Spotlight Sale this October!!!!!   

His sire's dam line is also extremely prepotent.  SGCH Kickapoo Valley Saga Whimper has many sons working in herds, producing her extreme will to milk as well as her general appearance traits exemplified by her LA score of 5-06 92 (EEEE).  She has barn milk records of 20 lbs, and her most recent show records of 2012 Iowa State Fair BDIS/Best Udder in Show and 2013 National Show 3rd pl/3rd udder aged doe!    Whimpers' sire- ++*B Pleasant-Grove Super Saga has been named ADGA National Show Premier Alpine Sire 4 times!   

Atlas packs a really phenomenal pedigree stacked with show wins, excellent milkability with the will to sustain it under a stressful show season, and LA scores in his dam lines coming from both sides of his parents.   Who could ask for more!!!       

ArgulaArgula Udder

GCH Kara-Kahl PGL Arugula 8*M (Atlas's Dam) 
LA 4-06 91 (VEEE)
2018 Minnesota State Fair Best Udder in Show    

AkebonoAkebono Uder

GCH Kara-Kahl PGW Akebono 9*M (Altas's full sister)
LA 3-03 92 (EEEE)
2018 Iowa State Fair Best Udder in Show
2018 ADGA National Show 5th pl/3rd udder 3 yr old 


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