PJ Baileys

Hill N Holler Gaylor Arlington

DOB- 3-7-11  Purebred
LA YS- 5 mo. V(VVV)  2011 Show Record- Not Shown


  Hill N Holler CM Navarre
Hill N Holler N. Gaylor
  Hill N Holler Beau Gala 1*M
  Missdee's NK Criterion
Hill N Holler CTR Apple  LA 3-06 90 (VEEE)
  Hill N Holler Rey Applique

Arlington came to us "in utero" with the purchase of his bred dam from the well known Hill N Holler herd in the fall of 2010.  Pleasing to the eye in both structure and his beautiful coat color, he excells in dairy character and levelness over the topline.  Arlington's genetics tie into our current herd by the lovely doe CH Hill N Holler EL. Vanila.  She is the paternal grand dam to our Sr herdsire GCH +*B IR-Ranch NCS Sulten. We are hoping Arlington can solidify this consistent doe line.   


Hill N Holler CTR Apple 3-06 90 (VEEE)



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