PJ Baileys

PJ-Baileys' Sulten Apple Bloom

Purebred  DOB- 3-29-12

2012 Show Wins- 1 x 1st
2012  LA YS- 5 mo. V (VEcEc)

2013 Show Wins- 1 x 1st, 2 x 2nd
2013 LA Score- 1-06 84 (++EV




Apple BlossomApple Blossom Udder
1 yr old
+*B GCH IR-Ranch NCS Sulten




Hill n Holler Apple Danish

Apple Bloom is a very special gal as she's the last Sulten daughter to be born here.  Sporting that sharp cou blanc alpine chrome she is a balanced package.  We appreciate her width throughout, spring of rib and levelness of back and rump.  She carries a correct mammary system that is capacious and well arched in the rear.  She greatly resembles her paternal grand dam- GCH Sanstorms Classy Selena!!!   We look forward to watching this special purebred girl grow and blossom!! 

Bred To- CH Angel-Prairie Abrhm Fancy Free




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