PJ Baileys

Hill N Holler CTR Apple

Purebred   DOB-2-14-08

LA Score- 3-06 90 (VEEE)
2011 Show Wins- 1 x 1st

  *B Brankton Nigel Keno  

3 yrs old

Missdee's NK Criterion

  Missdee's Clarice
   *B Leap'N-Leabo Hail Rey
Hill N Holler Rey Applique
  Hill N Holler Maxim Aurora

Bred To- Hull's WRJ Lincoln
Due- 4-2-12
Kids- $500  All does retained 

Apple came to us in the fall of 2010.  We had been searching for a purebred alpine doe to add to our herd for quite a while.  So when the opportunity presented to bring in a Hill N Holler doe we accepted the invitation.  Although not as tall as her herdmates, she is correct in her structure and we particularly like her width and levelness of back and rump.  Apple oozes with dairyness, offering openness of rib, angulated rear legs and tracks straight forward in the front legs.  She carries a beautifully shaped mammary system with great extension to the fore udder, perfect teats and a strong medial.   

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