PJ Baileys

SGCH PJ-Baileys' Aaron's Ambiance 4*M

American ~~ DOB-7-23-01

2004 LA 2-11 88(VVVV)      
     2004 Show Wins- 6x1st, 1x3rd, 1xRGCH
2005 LA score 3-11 91 (EEEE)
2005 Show Wins 9x1st, 2x2nd, 7xGCH, 3xBOB, 1xRGCH, 3xBDIS
2006 LA Score- 4-11 92 (EEEE)
2006 National Show 12th pl. 4 yr old
2006 Show Wins- 8 x BOB, 3 x BDIS, BDIS at Hoosier Classic

2007 Show Wins- 9 x BOB, 3 x BDIS  Ohio State Fair GCH Alpine

2008 Show Wins- 7 x BOB, 5 x BDIS
2008 National Show 4th pl. 5 & 6 yr old
2008 LA Score- 7-00 92 (EEEE)
2009 LA 8-00 92 (EEEE)
2009 Show Wins- 4 x BOB, 3 x BDIS, Ohio State Fair Best Udder Alpine

   ++*B GCH Redwood Hills Marvelous Profet

7 years, 11 mo

++*B Redwood Hills Profet Aaron

  GCH Redwood Hills Acclaim Aura 6*M
'86 Nat'l Show RGCH & Res. Udder
Missdee's Nightcharmer 5-02 88 (VEV)
GCH PJ-Baileys' Almond's Amber 3*M 4-05 90 (VEEV)
  Allen's A&B Almond 2*M

One day Milk test: 92 DIM 10.4 lbs 2.8% BF 17.1 Pts
6-09 305 2832 3.5% 98 fat 87 protein
7-09 305 2931 3.5% 102 fat 89 protein


Bred To-Sulten
Due- 4-8-11
Kids- $700

Ambiance who is nicknamed "Zero" for the giant white O on her left side finished her championship as a 3 yr old.  She is a very special doe to our family, and the product of well planned and thought out breeding, she's no fluke!!  She is what we are striving to breed for.  She is stylish, high headed, level across the topline, extremely wide through the loin and rump.  Zero is productive in the milk pail and carries an exquisite mammary ststem. Her udder boasts that 1/3 & 1/3 that we like to see, with a foreudder that seems to stretch for miles, a rear that's high and wide, all held up with a superb medial.  Coupled with outstanding general apperance, she's aging like fine wine and has consistently LA'ed 92 three times in a row.  Her show career is impecable with 17 BIS show wins to her credit!  To top all this off, Zero has produced 2 champion daughters from different sires, both outstanding in general apperance and mammary.  She's a very beautiful and special lady, and she knows it!

Ambiance as a dry yearling

Ambiance as a 2 year old

Ambiance as a 3 year old

Ambiance as a 4 year old

Ambiance 6 yrs

7 year old