PJ Baileys

GCH PJ-Baileys' Sulten Aphrodite 6*M

American   DOB- 2-9-08

2008 LA Youngstock Score- 5 mo. V(VEcEc)
LA 1-05 88 (VEVV)

2008 Show WIns- 2 x 1st, 1 x GCH
2008 National Show 9th pl. Sr. Kid
2009 Show Wins- 6 x 1st, 2 x 2nd

2010 Show Wins- 6 x 1st, 3 x 2nd, 5 x GCH, 3 x ResGCH, 1 x BDIS   

2 yr old

*B IR-Ranch NCS Sulten

PJ-Baileys' Dante Athena
Aphrodite, whom we nicknamed "Fuzz" due to the white spot of hairs we found on the top of her tail at birth (I tryed to pick them off!) is another impressive Sulten daughter.  A flashy sundgau, she has that "look at me!" attitude and with that she won her championship as a 2 yr old.  Exhibiting tremendous strength in the general apperance department, she excells with that uphill look, in height and length as well as levelness.  She offers dairyness complimented by a long bone pattern and width throughout.  She milks from a solidly attached mammary system enhanced by properly sized and shaped teats and a strong medial.  Productive in the milk pail- Fuzz's genetic ability in this area is butterfat and in her yearling lactation yielded 121 lbs at 6.8%!  She's well on her way to exceeed that for her 2nd freshening!  A doe with a very gentle temperment, she's become a welcome partner with Jenna for youth show BOB classes, and has become a great contribution to the show string!  

1-02 250 1776 6.8% 121 fat 63 protein
2-00 305 3330 4.4% 145 fat 110 protein

Bred To- Charmer
Due- 3-12-11

Kids- $500